Amber Nielson, Realtor

Next Level Homes is delighted to have Amber Nielson on our sales team.


Amber Nielson, Realtor

Next Level Homes is delighted to introduce you to one of our newest agent duos, Amber Nielson, part of the Dream Team.

Amber specialized in land development, real estate analysis, and investment strategies as an award-winning real estate agent. She is a master negotiator when it comes to creating and implementing contracts for her clients. Over the past decade and a half, she has served hundreds of families to find and purchase their dream home! Amber is the proud recipient of the outstanding Sales Agent Award 15 times throughout her career and has received the "Executive Award" and the "Outstanding Sales Agent."

Besides her excellent customer service, Amber is a light in any group of people. Her leadership skills complement her friendly and fun disposition perfectly. Buying a new home should be a great experience, and Amber helps you every step along the way!

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Amber's perpetual professional success comes in part because of her love for continuing education.

Learning not just to check off needed certificates as a realtor, but as someone who thrives in exploring, understanding, and mastering her craft. (Let's pause to celebrate a 34 ACT score and a cumulative 4.0 for her real estate practice/law exams.)

Amber received her Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Utah and UVU. After, she began her career in marketing and sales. She discovered her love for real estate and has been serving homeowners since 2005.

When asked about her new trajectory with Next Level Homes, Amber shared," The thing I like most about Next Level Homes is that the owners are super genuine. There are so many people in the industry who don't care about people, and at NLH, they really do."

Amber loves the sleek design of the Next Level homes. She hopes to continue building the brand that both industry professionals and homeowners trust and respect.

It all comes down to a simple connection, "The staff, owners, and the team at Next Level Homes are my people!" She is here to help you find your Next Level Home, whether it be your first purchase, a downsize for a newly empty-nester, or a forever dream home!