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Southern Utah mountains near homes and lots by Next Level Homes
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Homes for sale in American Fork Utah

CK Farms

10 Townhomes in a Large Townhome Community

Potential Availability: July 2024

See what American Fork has to offer!

Discover American Fork — a community that celebrates its history, embraces the present, and looks towards a bright future. As a living testament to the dynamic spirit of the American West, American Fork brings together both modern comforts and traditional charm. Its bustling Main Street seamlessly weaves the past with the present, hosting a medley of unique dining and shopping experiences. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, It invites you to an unrivaled living experience. Here, life is an exquisite blend of serene living and outdoor adventure, with hiking trails, fishing spots, and winter sports opportunities just minutes away.


Mout Timpanogas hike trail

American Fork: Hiking

Immerse yourself in American Fork's unparalleled hiking scene. Encircled by mountainous beauty and diverse trails, it offers both challenging treks and peaceful strolls through nature's splendor. Whether you ascend to the renowned Timpanogos Cave or wander through the verdant Rotary Park, every trail leads to extraordinary vistas and serene moments. With a home in American Fork, hiking isn't just a hobby — it's a lifestyle.

Boy in museum

American Fork: Museums

Step into American Fork's rich past through its captivating museums. Each institution serves as a time capsule, preserving pieces of history that paint a vibrant picture of the town's heritage. Visit the American Fork Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum to delve into pioneer-era stories, or explore the Harrington Schoolhouse for a glimpse into early education. Moving into American Fork, your community is a gateways to the past.

outdoor shopping

American Fork: Shopping

Discover the delight of shopping in American Fork, from unique boutiques lining the vibrant Main Street to modern retail spaces, you'll find something to cater to your every whim. Find locally crafted treasures, catch the latest fashion trends, or indulge in fresh, farm-to-table produce from seasonal farmers' markets. Living in American Fork, shopping isn't just an errand, it's an experience rich with local flavor and community connection.

child on swing

American Fork: Play

Embrace the spirit of play in American Fork, a city pulsing with energy and brimming with opportunities for recreation and fun. With a variety of parks, sports facilities, and community events, it's easy to let loose and enjoy your downtime. Not far and you'll find your fill of excitement. Try a friendly game at the local golf course, enjoy a family day out at the city's well-equipped parks, or soak in the thrill of local festivals and community concerts.

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