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Kipp Myers

Kipp Myers, Graystone Mortgage

KIPP MYERS, Preferred Lender

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Our Preferred Lender: Our Preferred Results

Picking the right lender for your mortgage loan can provide years of assurance and peace of mind. That’s why we have teamed up with Kipp Myers, our preferred lender, one of Utah’s best lenders. Yes! You get exclusive incentives at closing when you opt-in with our preferred lender. But more important than that is the character of the loan officer and the quality of service our preferred lenders provide.

Throughout the years, Kip Myers has seen what turbulent financial times can mean for families and individuals when it comes to savings and home loans. This experience has allowed him to help others navigate the complexities that accompany purchasing or refinancing a home. His goal is to be your advocate! Kipp works alongside you to offer stability and education so you can feel confidence in the lending process. To date, Kipp’s helped over 50,000 people with their home financing.

With a heart for serving others and a dedication to creating an exceptional mortgage experience for his customers, Kipp Myers founded Graystone Mortgage in 1997 after graduating from the School of Business at the University of Utah. He decided to run his business with one principle in mind: people before profits.

Kipp is a Utah man, through and through. Raised in the Salt Lake Valley, he is now a proud father and is excited to continue serving his local communities through his work at Graystone Mortgage.


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Kipp Myers


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Graystone Mortgage complies with Section 8 of RESPA and does not offering marketing services in exchange for or the expectation of referrals. This is not a commitment to make a loan. Loans are subject to borrower and property qualifications. Contact loan officer listed for an accurate, personalized quote. Interest rates and program guidelines are subject to change without notice. Graystone Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender. Company NMLS# 20058