Kirsten Leavitt, Realtor

Next Level Homes is delighted to have Kirsten Leavitt on our sales team with our new development, Trinnaman Farms in Lehi, Utah.

A Realtor Who is Relentless in the Pursuit of Home

Kirsten doesn’t just sell houses, she sells homes. She understands a home is not just where you live. It is where you build families, have breakdowns, have parties, celebrate holidays, and triumphs. It a new home after a divorce, it's a tiny condo when you graduate from college, and it's where you raise your kids. Your home is your sanctuary. Your final destination after a long day. Kirsten knows how to help you find your new sanctuary.

As an experienced realtor, Kirsten Leavitt has helped hundreds of families find their dream home! With a keen eye for development, she specializes in land acquisition and new construction. She also loves to guide families who are relocating to Utah. With a passion for clear communication and persistent follow-through, she has been called, “relentless” on more than one occasion while advocating for her team and clients. Because the most exciting part of the transaction is the close, she loves hearing the phrase, “We have funded and recorded!”

Kirsten is a great listener and very resourceful, always focusing on the long term relationships with her clients. She is not afraid to negotiate.

When asked what the why is behind her tenacious work ethic she shared, “My why is my family. I enjoy the work and the people I interact with. It is so fulfilling to help change a family’s life, to help them build a sanctuary and a foundation.”

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