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Greg Smith, Excavation Superintendent

That’s always been my pride is putting a quality product in the ground, even though nobody ever sees what I do. It’s always a hundred percent from start to finish. We don’t skip any corners. Everything’s quality from the ground up. We don’t hire in other people that try and take shortcuts. So that’s the best thing and you see it when you walk into a Next Level Homes is just the immaculate building that they put together.

Kirsten Leavitt, Realtor

It’s amazing for anyone that wants to live in Lehi. It’s next to Silicon slopes, Adobe’s right up the street. They have a Moochies right down the street. We’re five minutes away from everything that goes on in Silicon slopes, which is the heart of the Valley right now.

The reason why buying with Next Level Homes is a great experience, why a new build is better than a pre-built home, it’s because you’d make all the choices for your dream. How the survey your forever home. We’re hoping that it’s your forever home. That you come home and are so happy that you chose this product with Next Level Home.

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