Sydnee Court
March Updates

Sydnee Court Updates March 2021

We are working feverishly at Sydnee Court, an 8 plot, single-family home neighborhood located in Millcreek, Utah. Check out these new aerial shots that showcase our progress!

So much of what happens day to day in your new home happens behind the walls, under the floors, and inside the foundation. We are talking about the integrity of a solid foundation, the intricacy of electricity, and securing a stable flow of water. These are elements of your home that we don’t want you to ever worry about after you move in because they are being built correctly from the get-go. While these shots aren’t the glamorous lifestyle photos you will see when we complete the finish-work, these are probably more important.

In this week’s post, we are unveiling five aerial shots of this awesome neighborhood. You can see from a bird’s eye view the spectacular mountain range that sits just miles to the east, easy access to a major tributary road, and a location within an established neighborhood. And if you aren’t from around the Salt Lake area, that means lots of mature trees!

Sydnee Court Updates March 2021
Looking towards the Ochre Mountains reveals the established neighborhoods that Sydnee Courts will be included amongst. The now bare trees will provide lush greenery and shade through the summer.
Sydnee Court Plat Map

This is the plat map for Sydnee Court. The top of the map faces west. The bottom of the map is east.

Foundations Only
7, 8, 5, 3

Foundations, Walls, HVAC, Plumbing & Roof
1, 2, 4, 6

Sydnee Court Updates March 2021
This photo includes a full view of the neighborhood from the west side, looking east. For all those little boys who loved playing with Tonka Trunks as kids in the sandbox, this work zone is an adventure land with trucks and heavy-duty excavators.
Sydnee Court Updates March 2021
View of the neighborhood from the east side, looking west. This photo showcases lots 105 in the front left, with foundation finished, walls up, HVAC, plumbing, and roofing in the works! Lot 103 in the back right of this photo is just about on the same track.
Sydnee Court Updates March 2021
Foundations have been poured on lots 106 and 107 in the front left, lot 104 directly west, and 102 on the north. The two houses on the north side of the main road are lots 100 and 101. You can see they are the farthest along, with completed roofs and windows installed, as well as HVAC, and plumbing.
Sydnee Court Updates March 2021
Check out the gorgeous Mt. Olympus! Your views at Sydnee Court will be epic. Majestic powder houses in the winter, and adventure play lands in the summer.

If you’d like more information about floorplans, design options, and amenities in the area, click on the links provided.

Prices will start in the high $600s.

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