Top Ten Reasons to
Buy New Construction

#1 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Fresh Finishes

When you buy new construction, all of the paint is fresh; the floors are brand new, the carpet is spotless! Our products are designed with longevity in mind. You create the palette and enjoy your home as the backdrop to traditions and ordinary days. Let’s let the memory of your firstborn child writing her name in sharpie on the wall of your old house stay in your Chatbooks, and get you some freshly painted walls!

#2 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Design Your Look

At Next Level Homes, we have worked with incredible designers and architects to produce a modern, sleek layout for your home. If you purchase your new construction home before it’s complete, there can be time to customize your finishes, including paint colors, floors, and other finishes. What color combinations are on your Pinterest boards that you can’t wait to try on your new home?

#3 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Customize Your Floor Plan

Sometimes a client will purchase a Next Level Home because they love the layout, and floor plan, except that one area. For example, they may have specific needs to create an at homework nook or expand a family room to accommodate a large instrument. (Hello, fresh sunlight spilling onto the keys of your baby grand piano!) Buying new construction gives you the cost savings of having a floor plan already fleshed out, with the flexibility to modify an existing layout to meet your needs.

#4 Reasons to Buy New Construction

You Know Your Home’s History

As a homeowner, you take responsibility for the infrastructure of your property. When you buy a Next Level Homes townhome, townhome, or single-family home, you can guarantee we have taken every precaution, step, and measure to ensure a quality crafted home. There’s no guessing if the plumbing was installed correctly or the foundation was level. You know, from crown molding to the roof overhead, you have an exceptionally built product.

#5 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Pick Your Neighbors

Yes!! Call up your best friend from college, that one you promised when you got married; you’d live down the street from each other and raise your children together. Some people are reading this thing that we are joking, but we’re not. Isn’t the best way to love your neighbors is to pick them? If you are building a new house, take our advice and choose your neighbors.

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#6 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Inspect the Construction Elements as the House Goes Up

Buying new construction allows you to walk through the property, not just before signing day, but also as big elements are finished. You can see the progress as our construction crew continues building your dream home!

#7 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Get Special Lender Incentives on Your Loan.

Because we work so closely with our preferred lenders on these neighborhood projects, we can pass on special incentives to you when you close your loan. Take advantage of thousands of dollars of savings, and ensure you are getting the best loan for your circumstances.

#8 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Enjoy Green Savings with Energy Efficiency Building.

You may be surprised how much money savings buying new construction can relieve your budget. Because our building standards and practices are energy efficient, you can take advantage of cost savings for years to come with your energy bill. For example, in historic Salt Lake City, some homes were built up to 100 years ago. Single pane windows, leaky edges, brick on mortar without insulation offer a sense of charm and wonder to look at, but can double and triple the cost to keep your home cold or warm, depending on the season. Because we specialize in finding new land to develop in established neighborhoods, you can enjoy the large trees and sense of community you love, with a new construction home that keeps your energy costs low and energy footprint a little greener.

#9 Reasons to Buy New Construction

High End Finishes at No Extra Upgrade Costs

When new say we are Next Level Homes, it’s not just a name; it’s a way of doing business. We offer a quality of the product that most builders charge upgrades to produce. Our standard features are above and beyond in quality. We want our homeowners to love their new home and feel settled in their space for years to come. As you walk through one of our model homes with your realtor, notice the cabinetry, the door styles, the upgrade countertops. Compare it to other models in the area. I promise, dollar for dollar, you are getting a better quality product that comes in our standard builds.

#10 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Room to Grow As You Do

Many of our floor plans offer additional space that you can use to increase your usable square footage. For all of our townhome and single-family home models, you can expand your living area by finishing your basement during the initial construction phase or down the road. This provides additional opportunities to build your equity and your home’s value. Plus, this gives you increased space to live and grow as a family.

Buying a new construction home provides incredible opportunities to customize your living experience, expand your investment portfolio, and establish a quality environment to enjoy.

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